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How To Rig A Fly Rod

Rigging or Stringing your fly rod is the second step in getting ready to fly fish. Assemble the the rod per How to Set Up a Fly Rod. Then we need to attach the fly reel and string the fly line and leader through the guides.

There are other ways to attach the reel but this is the way I like to do it. My reels are set up for a left hand retrieve so just reverse the directions if you crank the reel with your right hand.

First turn the rod over so the guides are pointing up. Hold the reel in your right hand with the crank in your palm. Next insert the top reel foot into the top reel seat. Then slide the bottom reel seat over the bottom reel foot and screw the retainer ring up against the bottom reel seat until the reel is firmly attached. ( ie. not loose when you wiggle the reel side to side gently.) When you turn the rod over so the guides are pointing down, the reel crank will be pointing to the left so you can crank with your left hand.

Now locate the end of the leader if one is attached to the fly line. Or the end of the line with the braided line to leader connector attached if you have not put on a leader. On the bottom of the reel will be one or two cross bars but usually one. Pull off line or leader so that the line or leader is coming off the reel and passes under the the cross bar. In other words, the line will pull off the reel directly to the bottom stripping guide. Pull off enough line and leader to string the rod.

You can use this technique with either the line or with the leader. I suggest using the leader since pinching the fly line over time will tend to crack the finish. Make a loop in the leader about 2 feet from the end of the line. Insert the loop through the bottom stripper guide. (Do Not insert through the hook keeper just above the handle). Continue inserting the loop through each guide until you come out the top guide. Then pull the rest of the line and leader out of the guides until you have the line coming directly off the fly reel. When pulling the line through the guides, don't bend the fly rod or you could break it. If you need to, attach a leader to the fly line.

Now that you know "how to rig a fly rod" or "how to string a fly rod" depending on what you call the process, you are ready to tie on your favorite dry fly or set up a two or three nymph rig and go fly fishing.


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