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To All Our Veterans – Thank You for Your Service

November 11th, 2013 · Comments Off

To all of you who have served and to all of you who gave your all so we might have freedom to enjoy.

Thank You for your Service and your Sacrifices.

Marshall Estes, Sp5
US Army 1966 to 1968.

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Google Stupidity

March 17th, 2013 · Comments Off


Today I fought the battle of the Google android developer console again. I still use XP Pro and IE8. Up to  Google’s switch to the new version of the console, all was working ok. Then bingo, I get a message about using an unspported browser.

To solve this issue I had to Google how to contact android developers. Where I ended up was on a page for the Android retail customer service with a call back feature. This service worked well and I talked with a rep named Nick who was quite helpful in sending me how to contact the actual Android Developer team.

On that page was a contact form and links to several other help pages. One of which was Known Issues. On that page was a “fix” for the IE8 problem by installing Chrome Frame. Chrome Frame puts an HTML5 “canvas” tag in the browser headers as I understand it. Or it adds the tag to the pages being viewed. In any case, this fixed the issue with being able to login to my developer’s console using IE8.

The point here is a message could have been put on the unsupported browser page about how to fix this or a link to the “Known Issues” page.

But in typical BoonGoogle fashion, that would require forward customer service thinking. Which is not a Google standard.

In case any of you readers are having this or similar problem, here is the link to the Known Issues page.


Marshall, Editor

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Colorado Snow Pack Conditions 3/15/13

March 16th, 2013 · Comments Off


I have not written many posts since last summer since the water conditions were so bad in Colorado. Even though many fly shops said it was a great fishing year, I had to go to Wyoming for my great fishing.

As of the last update in March, the Colorado snow pack statewide was at 77% of normal. This is up 6% from February and is due to some good March snow storms. The Animas, San Juan, Delores and San Miguel and the south west corner of the state are at the best condtions around 83% of normal.

The Yampa, White and North Platte Basins are around 78% and the Colorado at 76%. While not great, these conditions will provide reasonable runoff water.

The South Platte basin is the worst at 69% of normal with the Arkansas basin not far ahead at 73% of normal.

Bear Creek which is headwatered from Mt. Evans is going to be a low water year again this year. Mt.Evans does not have much snow at all. And there is not much time left to get a couple of big storms before we get into the April warming temperatures.

These are current conditions as of March 15, 2013 

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor


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Pat Dorsey and Landon Mayer

March 16th, 2013 · Comments Off


Landon Mayer and Pat Dorsey will be the speakers at the High Plains Drifters club meeting March the 20th.

Pat and Landon will speak on fishing in Colorado and specific fishing techniques and flies. This is one of the clubs most popular meetings. 

If you live in the Denver Metro area, this is a must attend event. Pat and Landon always provide a wealth of fly fishing knowledge in their presentations.

Red and Jerry’s at the West Oxford and So. Santa Fe 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.  Fantix Room

Tight Lines,
Marshall, Editor

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Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions So. Platte River – 6/18/12

July 14th, 2012 · Comments Off

Monday dawned clear and hot early on. We arrived at the Trumbull – Swayback improvement area about 8:30 and wer on the rive at 9 AM. The water was gin clear, the sky was clear and the air temperature was already at 80 degrees.  From the bridge, we could see a pod of 6 fish hanging over a medium yellow sand bar at the edge of a run with moss on the bottom. They were moving around like they were feeding but nothing was coming off the water.

This pretty much summarized the trip. Low clear water, water temps in the high 40s and lethargic fish was the norm as we worked upstream to Deckers.

After lunch we went bug hunting at several places along the river.  The picture below is a good example what we found. There is one Golden Stone, I think. The most light yellow stone may have just molted and shed it previous exoskeleton. The large black stone could be a Black Stone or a Golden ready to molt. But just look at the size of that crane fly larvae. We also found a number 8 Pat’s Rubber Legs fly stuck to a log in the same area. So who says you have to fish microscopic flies on the Platte. Not so true anymore. It has taken a while but the 2002 Hayman Fire changed the So. Platte in areas from size 22 bugs to size 8 and 10 bugs.

so platte river insects

Some nice Mayfly nymphs

 so platte river mayfly nymphs

So the next time you fish the So Platte toward Deckers, take some time to bug seine and think larger.

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor
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