10 Things to Do With Old Leaders


Stop throwing out your old leaders and put them to work for you.  Here is a list of 10 things to do with old leaders.

  1. Use them for knot tying practice.
  2. Build speciality leaders out of them.
    • Streamer Leaders
    • Extra long nymph leaders
    • Use the short thin ends as tippet material
    • Pre-tie flies to the short thin ends so you don’t waste time rigging up on stream
  3. Use the thicker parts for eyes in mysis shrimp or other nymph patterns that require eyes.  Simply cut a piece the correct length and singe with a butane lighter until black.  The lighter will cause the leader to form a round ball for the eye.
  4. Use thin ends for nymph ribbing.
  5. Use a thicker part for ribbing on Wolly Buggers or Streamers
  6. Build leaders for casting practice so you don’t beat up a new leader
  7. Take an old leader(s), use the thicker parts to string wooden beads and swivel snaps on for a fishing lanyard
  8. Tie nose plugs used in swimming to a swim suit to keep them from getting lost
  9. Tie a pacificer to baby clothes to keep it from getting lost
  10. 10. Cut a thinner piece. Glue the tag ends together and use for a bobbin threader
  11. Hey Readers — how about a hand here and add some other uses for old leaders. Leave a comment.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor and Author
“Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”