12 Killer Trout Fishing Flies

Trout Fishing Flies

There are many trout flies that are considered killer trout flies. Some are of course better than others and some have stood the test of time and many fishermen. My list of killer trout flies are the following:

  1. Black Body Midge – This is an easy to tie thread body midge that can be used as a dropper during a Trico hatch
  2. Sparkle Wing Trico Emerger – Again an easy to tie pattern of about 9 steps. A simple thread body, one strand of pearl Krystal flash for the loop wing with a round dubbed thorax in front of the wing. Black thread and 2 black microfibbets for the tail
  3. Olive PMD emerger
  4. Barr’s PMD emerger with a wing.
  5. WD40 midge tied on a scud hook 18 – 22. This is a good midge imitator as a dropper during a midge hatch.
  6. Blue Wing Olive emerger – This emerger has a fairly green body. I use it as an attractor top fly in a two fly rig. Then I put a plain hares ear fly #10 as the dropper. Or a dark olive BWO fly #8 as the dropper.
  7. Yellow Olive BWO emerger with antron wing. This fly has a dubbed body and thorax. This is also a good dropper fly in a two fly rig during a BWO hatch or where there are BWO nymphs around. This fly fished as the top fly with fly #8 as the dropper took about 25 fish in one day during late September 2011 on Bear Creek.
  8. Dark Olive BWO emerger tied on a straight hook. Dai-Riki Size #16 – #20. The body is simple thread but a dark olive as opposed to yellow olive or green.
  9. Dark Gray thread body midge emerger. Again a simple fly to tie.  Five or Six barbles of plain mallard flank feather for the tail, Plain thread body, round dubbed thorax of gray rabbit or muskrat, pull the remaing butt ends of the tail fibers over the thorax and a whipped finish head. This is a good midge emerger or just as a dead drifted midge when prospecting for trout.Tails for the flies are plain mallard or wood duck yellow dyed mallard barbles. The Trico tail is two black microfibbets.


    Variety of midge flies

The remaining 3 flies are some of my go to flies when all else fails.

  1. Bead Head Prince Nymph – Represents a stone fly with lots of wiggly legs to attract attention. Shown is a size 16. But this fly can be tied from size 10 thru 20. I use Dai-Riki #60 for these flies.
  2. Plain Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear – This is an old time pattern that catches fish like crazy. Shown is a size 16. The tail is 5 or 6 barbles from a hen hackle. The body and thorax is hare’s ear dubbing mixed with a lot of guard hairs from the mask or from the body. The rib is gold wire. Either Uni Sm for 16 – 18 and xSm for 20. The wing case is dark cinnamon turkey quill barbles coated with Wapsi vinyl cement to hold them together. If you wish you can coat the wing case with Loon’s knot sense, Clear Cure Goo Flexible or 3 minute epoxy. Finally use a dubbing brush to pick out fibers along the body and thorax to make the fly look more buggy. This fly can be tied in sizes from 10 through 20.
  3. The bead head gold ribbed flashback hare’s ear is one of favorite flies. It can represent a stone fly, a cased caddis nymph or a mayfly. One fly for many hatches saves a lot of fly changing. Hook is again a Dai-Riki 60 Sizes 10 through 20 or 22 if you use a small enough bead. On a size 20, a single strand of pearl Krystal flash would be the flashback. Again the dubbing contains a lot of guard hairs. The tail is rabbit guard hairs with the underfur removed. Once the abdomen is dubbed and wrapped, rib with gold wire. Uni Sm or Lagartun fine wire. Wrap in a counter direction to the dubbing to strengthen the abdomen. Tie in a piece of appropriate sized Uni Mylar (1/16 larger flies and 1/32 on smaller flies) at the end of the abdomen. Dub a nice thorax and pull the mylar over the center of the thorax and tie off with a couple of turns of thread.Then tie a whip finish head.

    Hares Ear Flies

    Hares Ear Flies

That’s it for my dozen trout flies. Tight lines and Good Fishing,

Marshall, Editor
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