A Landon Mayer Day


Today was a Landon Mayer Day.  So who is Landon Mayer.  Just the guy who holds the current IGFA Colorado state record for brown trout on 4lb test, measuring 30 inches long and weighing 11lbs caught in Colorado’s Dream Stream.  Landon is also a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor. He is a speaker and does a great presentation of fly fishing techniques for large trout.

He is author of fly fishing books and publisher of fly fishing DVDs.  “How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life”.  “Landing the Trout of Your Life DVD.” “Weapons of Bass Production DVD”.

What is a Landon Mayer Day? Today it was a cold rainy one.  Sometimes it is cold and snowy or just cold during the winter.  Landon fishes on days when only the monster trout and he are out.  Personally I think he is a little “tetched”.  But he does catch a lot of big trout that most of us only dream about.  If you want to catch big trout, you  have to go where and when they are.

Reminds me of Del Canty who floated around the Twin Lakes outside of Leadville, CO on an inner tube contraption that later became the belly boat.  Del told me of being out in a snowstorm one time and hooking a big lake trout that towed him around the lake for 2 hours.  Del said that he never did see the trout and that it was deep into the backing twice.  The last time it sounded and headed for the bottom, Del cut the line just before the line hit the spool arbor to keep from pulled under.

If you are not catching the Trout of Your Life, why not?  Maybe you are not out in the snow or rain with Landon.  Landon’s home waters are Colorado’s Dream Stream between Spinney Mtn. Reservoir and 11 Mile Reservoir and other stretches of the South Platte River.  He can be reached at his website www.landonmayer.com