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How I learned about fly fishing.

I first saw a fly fisherman at Bennett Springs, Mo when I was 14. I asked my father what kind of “bait” he was using. (Remembering the stinky shrimp and chicken livers we used for cat fish back in Iowa). I asked if they were stinky. My Father laughed and said, ” No, They are artificial.” The grace of the fly fisherman as he cast the dry fly into the waters below a small water fall was a picture of beauty. Suddenly a scrappy 14 inch rainbow slammed the fly and … Read the rest here First Trout I was hooked and knew one day I would be a fly fisherman too. Have been since 1969.

image of marshall the editor of fly-fishing-colorado.com on bear creek sep 2004

image of marshall the editor of fly-fishing-colorado.com on bear creek sep 2004


My name is Marshall Estes, I have been running Fly Fishing Colorado since 2004.

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Editor Bio

  1. Fly fishing enthusiast since 1969
  2. Fly tier since 1970
  3. Inventor of silver ribbed bead head RS2
  4. Best year fishing — 450 fish hooked and released in 2001 — one year before the disastrous Hayman Fire that destroyed 135,000 acres of forest and streamside vegetation.
  5. Largest fish ever landed — 28 inch 8 lb, Colorado Rainbow in the North Fork of South Platte river April 30, 2005 on the North Fork Ranch.

    28 inch 8 lb. rainbow North Fork Ranch 2005. Biggest fish I have ever landed.

    28 inch 8 lb. rainbow North Fork Ranch 2005. Biggest fish I have ever landed.

  6. Most fish caught and released in one day 125.
  7. Place 45 minutes from Denver, CO
  8. Favorite flies

• bead head gold ribbed flashback hares ear — sizes 12 through 18
• bead head prince — sizes 12 through 18
• Gregs emerger — sizes 14 through 18 (both straight shank and scud hooks)
• Gray thread body RS2 — sizes 16 through 22 (with and without wing)
• Gray thread body silver ribbed RS2 — sizes 14 through 20
• Gray thread body bead head silver ribbed RS2 — sizes 16 and 18
• Mercury bead head RS2
• Black Beauty



2 thoughts on “About The Editor

  1. Sabrina

    I am so impressed with this website! Very well done. My website is new – I hope I can be you when I grow up.

    would you be open to my asking a couple of questions? will you be at the FF Retailer Show at the Convention Center Sun, Mon, or Tues?


  2. Jess McGlothlin

    Dear Fellow Fly Fishing Blogger,

    Our team behind the creation of Dry Fly Media (www.dryflymedia.com) would love to get your opinion on a very interesting DVD series we’ve just produced – our Rivers in Motion series. Some of us involved in this project also run a fly fishing blog from Bozeman – Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone.

    The Rivers in Motion DVDs are collections of river scenes from five of the iconic rivers of southwest Montana and Idaho – the Madison, Yellowstone, Henry’s Fork, Gallatin, and Missouri. There are from 10 to 12 river scenes on each DVD, and the total footage runs from 77 to 86 minutes. The rivers themselves and the surrounding vistas are the “stars of the show”; these are not about fly fishermen fishing – but about the sights and sounds of the rivers.

    We’ve been amazed at how our friends here in Bozeman have been using the DVDs – besides relaxing at home after a work day in the real world; they’re playing them at work, at school, during dinner, and while getting together with friends. One friend even plays them while traveling and judges the length of flights by how many rivers he can relax to now.

    We would very much like to send you a free DVD from our Rivers in Motion series and see what you think. Please email Jess at jess@dryflymedia.com with your mailing address and a choice of one of the five rivers, and we’ll get the DVD out quickly.

    We have greatly enjoyed being a part of the fly fishing blog-o-sphere for the past 18 months, and have finally realized we have been sadly remiss in one important matter: a blogroll. We are in the midst of adding a blogroll to the Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone and Dry Fly Media sites – we’d love to put a link up to your site if that’s OK with you.

    Many thanks,

    The Dry Fly Media Team