Angling in Decline Followup


Reported in an msnbc article

By Steve Tuttle

Updated: 7:21 a.m. MT June 16, 2007
The US Fish and Wildlife 5 year survey found that angling had declined 12 percent since 2001.  But nearly 30 million Americans found time to take rod and reel for 17 on stream days.  Dropping nearly $40 billion on licenses, fishing gear and trips in the process.  Federal taxes on guns and sporting equipment are spent on building and maintaining wildlife refuges and other conservation efforts.  Without these taxes, the 8% increase in wildlife watchers some 71 million strong would not be left with much to look at.  End of article excerpt – See link for full article it is worth reading.

The decrease in angling should be a warning to the Mom and Pop fly shops all over the country that they need to get involved in saving the sport of angling.  Teach a kid to fly fish so he can teach his kids the beauty of the outdoors.

The decrease in angling should be sounding a warning to fly fishing manufacturers that they need to stop making $650 fly rods and expecting the average angler to pay the bill.  They need to start making $550 dollar quality fly rods that sell for $250 or $300 so average Joe can afford to get into the fly fishing sport.  The fly fishing manufacturers also need to understand that an online dealer can be just as legitimate as one running a brick and mortar store.