Bear Creek Virtual Earth Views


I fish Bear Creek west of metro Denver a lot and write fishing condition reports about it.  Here are some Virtual Earth views of some cool fly fishing spots.

There are two ways to use the links.  Each link will take you to the spot named.  And it will open in a new window.  The other way is to start with No. 1 and then copy each succeeding link to the browser address bar.  This is the better method as it will take you along the creek in an overview fashion.

1 Pool
2 Pines Pool in O’Fallon Park
3 Dam Pool in O’Fallon Park
4 Dam in Lair of the Bear Open Space
5 of the Bear Open Space
6 of the Bear Open Space
7 of the Bear Open Space
8 runs just East of Lair of the Bear Open Space
9 and runs East of Lair of the Bear Open Space
10 Creek Plunge Pools and Runs moving toward Idledale
11 deep pools moving toward Little Park in Idledale
12 Little Park in Idledale


Enjoy your tour.  Next time on the Creek see if you can find some of these spots.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
Alaska Trout Fishing Information

Here are some nice photos of the trail system in Lair o Bear Open Space, Bear Creek shots and shady picnic areas.