BlogRush Added to Fly Fishing Colorado Blog


You will notice the big display “From the Blogosphere” to the right of the post column.  This is a recent addition to our blog from BlogRush.  Developed by internet marketing great John Reese, BlogRush is a blog traffic exchange.  You register your blog, pick a category, get the code and install the blogrush widget in your sidebar. What could be more simple.

The BlogRush service is designed to help bloggers with their number one problem.  More Readers.  By adding the widget to your blog, you can get instant distribution for your latest post titles across a network of related blogs. Users also earn “syndication credits”.  Oh Did I mention it is free to register.  Follow a BlogRush link to sign up.

Now for all  you out there that are running a fly fishing blog.  I sure don’t see fly fishing blogs coming up in my BR widget.  Get over and sign up at BlogRush now. Category – Sports is where I have the Fly Fishing Colorado blog.