Carp Fly Fishing in Denver


Looking for Carp Fly Fishing in the Denver Metro area.  Try the South Platte River near the REI store at 1416 Platte St Denver, CO 80202 (303) 756-3100

A story in either the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News about 4 years ago told of Barry Reynolds start as a big name in fly fishing.  Barry invited an ESPN producer or editor to go with him to the S. Platte in Denver where Barry spent two hours catching large carp.  Most well over ten pounds.  Result was Barry got his own ESPN show for awhile. Don’t know if the spot was by the REI store or not.   Barry’s Book Carp on the Fly was also a result of these endeavors.

I have also been told a 15 pound carp will put up a great fight.  If you need carp flies, try the Trout Fisher off 6th avenue in the Cherry Creek shopping center.  They are supposed to have good ones.

If any of you readers catch some large carp in the South Platte, please post a comment and send a pic for display if you wish.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor

2 thoughts on “Carp Fly Fishing in Denver

  1. Ryan McRorie

    Great blurb on carp in Denver – hope to see you out there!

    A quick note on technique would be as followed: 1) choose a fly that sinks to the bottom 2) with hook pointing upwards to reduce snags and 3) stirs the mud or silt when twitched.


    Ryan McRorie