Clickbank’s New Contract


A couple of days ago, I inquired of Clickbank about access to their datafeeds. So I get  an email back about them. No problem, we have you set up. Just log in to use them.

When I log in, I am presented with a new Clickbank Contract. This contract has some 8 or 10 parts to it all of which are long and complicated. But persevering, I actually read the first six parts. It was the accounting and payment part that convinced me doing business with Clickbank as an affiliate was no longer worth the effort.

It is amazing the lengths some companies will go to just to protect themselves without offering anything to the people selling their products. Without affiliates, Clickbank is nothing but a dead marketplace.

I had not looked at their products for a while but there are lot more $15 dollar ebooks and $47 dollar software than there used to be. Following some of these out to the payment pages, I found PayPal on the payment pages more than Clickbank links. Guess the vendors are not too happy with the new contract either.

Did find one product that had a clear 8 paragraph contract. Each paragraph was only 4 sentences or less and totally understandable. It is amazing how clear a contract can be written when legal man is not involved.

Will Clickbank survive this major brain fart on management’s part. Remains to be seen.

But I won’t be an affiliate for them under such a ridiculous contract.

There are better affiliate networks out there than Clickbank selling similar products. Ones that pay with less restrictions and on time.

This is one man’s opinion.