Colorado Fishing Conditions – Spinney Reservoir 9/17/08


Spinney Mtn. Reservoir is hot right now. The fish are just offshore. To find them follow the pelicans to the fish. On warm sunny days a callebaetis hatch is possible about 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 then things will go dead on them.  Use a regular hares hear in light gray to imitate the callebaetis on spinney. If you see insectes hatching but only a few fish rising, switch to a beadhead hares ear in light gray. Both patterns should use the pheasant tail wingcase backs. Try sizes 12 thru 16.

When the callebaetis hatch goes dead about 1:30, switch to a damsel fly stripped fast to your pickup point.  Then let it set for a few seconds before picking up to allow the fish to catch up to the fly and strike.

If the weather is cold, try brown beadhead wolly buggers, green beadhead wollybuggers or a vanilla wollybugger along the shore.  These imitate small bait fish that hang along the shoreline.

If the wind is really blowing, try fishing gray grasshoppers along the side of the reservoir with the ridge. Fish below the ridge if the wind is blowing hoppers toward the reservoir. (Editor Note: The Charlie Boy hopper tied by Charlie Craven is a good hopper pattern to try.

The browns and the fall spawing rainbows are staging in the inlet for their run up the middle fork of the South Platte. In a week or so areas like Badger Basin and Tomahawk will be hot with big browns spawning.

Fishing report courtesy of Joe Butler of

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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