Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Stage Coach State Park 6/1/12-6/4/12

Colorado State Park was beautiful this last weekend. Four days of sunshine with some light showers and some wind on Saturday.

he reservoir fished well at the inlet with bait for rainbows in the 17 to 20 inch class. On Friday, my friend Joanie and I went to the Gold Medal Water below the dam. This part of the Yampa was running about 30 CFS and clear with lots of moss. The sky was clear and sunny. It was plain hot in the canyon. About an hours effort yielded a 15 – 16 inch brilliant colored rainbow on a number 20 mecury bead RS2 as a tail fly. Another hour I caught a 12 inch rainbow on a #18 plain gold ribbed hare’s ear as my point fly.

My friend Joanie was sight fishing for some big bows in a bankside pool. She was trying grey RS2s, grey midges and other patterns. Once in a while a bow would move toward the fly but no takes. After Joanie moved upstream, I tried my 20 grey mecury RS2 but no takes. I switched to a plain grey RS2 number 22 and move several of the big bows but again no takes. After spending some 45 minutes on this pool, I gave it up for the day.

The High Plains Drifters fly fishing club was also at the Park this weekend. Some of the members went down Sunday morning early and worked the stream closer to the dam. One member caught an 18 inch brookie, another a beautiful 23 or 24 inch rainbow, and the third member caught several bows in the 18 – 19 inch class.

There was a consistent hatch of number 20 to 22 grey baetis all afternoon. Small number 20 parachute adams dry fly on top trailed by a 22 grey RS2 was a good combination for many of the fly fishers.

There were also a lot of spin fishers in the canyon on Saturday but I didn’t see them catch any fish.

That’s it from the Stage Coach State Park Fishing report.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,

Marshall, Editor
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