Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – 6/4/2012

Colorado River

On my way back from Stage Coach State Park this weekend, I stopped to fish the Colorado at Hot Sulphur Springs. I parked in anglers parking on the north side of the river by the campground area in town. While gearing up, an Iron Dun mayfly size 16 landed on the car. 

My rig was a double bead copper and gold hare’s ear in size 12 with a size 16 gray RS2 on 18 inches of 5X fluorocarbon tippet. The water was flowing about 175, partly cloudy with clarity to about 2 feet maximum. The bottom everywhere I waded was slick with moss. Rather like wading on marbles.

I fished from the anglers parking downstream to the end of the campground with one 12 to 13 inch healthy brown caught in a seam from a rock along the road side of the river. The brown took the size 16 gray RS2. Fishing along the faster water seams or into the slicks behind rocks I got a couple more strikes but no hookups.

On the east side of the campground road there is a nice wide slower stretch before a plunge pool rock fall. Although this stretch should have yielded a fish or two, I did not get a strike.

Changing my rig to a number 12 caddis lava tied chezch nymph style for a point fly and a size 18 mercury bead gray RS2 as tail fly, I made a dozen drifts below the plunge pool rocks in the a fast water seam. This seam feathered out into a pool under the bridge that was at least 3 feet deep. I caught one 9 inch dink brown at the end of a drift into the edge of the pool. 

This was it for catching fish on the Colorado.

Bear Creek

Reaching the El Rancho exit off I-70 I dropped down to Bear Creek to check out O’Fallon park. Bear Creek had been running so low this year, that I had not fished it yet. Flow in the park was about 12 CFS. 

There was a caddis hatch coming off and some good surface activity. I geared up with a size 20 orange catalyst caddis. For the next 2 and a half hours from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, I had a blast casting to 8 to 10 inch rainbows snapping caddis off the surface. I caught 4 and lost about a dozen more. (Dry Fly fishing is not my long suite.) Downstream east of the stone bridge, there was a nice red quill hatch came off for about 15 minutes.

Water clarity was excellent in the Creek. There has been some new stream improvements in the Park since last year that provide more plunge pool structure. This should improve fishing a lot in that area.

Colorado is in moderate to extreme drought conditions this year. From what I have seen, I would lean toward extreme. By the end of June or middle of July we will be at end of August flows on most rivers. Dry fly fishing will be very good this year.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,

Marshall, Editor
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