Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions Bear Creek 4/19/10

4/19/2010 Monday

Today was the first good looking day in a couple of weeks. Beautiful sunrise, air temp in Denver 46 degrees at 7:30 with a bright blue Colorado sky and a few puffy white clouds. I was headed to Bear Creek with my friend Michael for a few hours of fishing. And to test a Fish Creek Velocity 8ft 4wt 4pc rod by T.L. Johnson.

Bear Creek had been running 52 CFS flat for last 3 days and I was hoping that the water might have cleared  up some. We parked in the parking lot for Knotnewwood and geared up. The water was still pretty off color but not the chocolate mud color of a week ago. Water visibility was about 1 to 2 feet maximum for rocks but not clear enough to make spotting fish easy.

I waded across upstream from the Bar Pool and got into my usual casting position. I was rigged up with a heavy weighted scud on the bottom and a weighted beadhead goldribbed hares ear on the top. Even with these weighted nymphs, getting down at the beginning of Bar Pool where fish should be holding was not easy. After a dozen or more drifts through the head of the pool and along the pool tail out, I had a fish on during the Leisenring lift. But the take had been so gentle and soft, I missed a good hook set and the fish rolled off the hook. It had definitely taken the brown-olive scud imitation though.

A couple more drifts and I had a stick fish on. Fortunately, I was using 1X and 2X tippet off my leader butt so did not loose my rig. One thing about using heavy tippet is losing less flies. Another dozen drifts through the pool and again I had a fish on during the lift at the end of the drift. Again the take had been very gentle and again I messed up the hook set. The fish rolled of the hook after a brief struggle. But both times, the flash had been about 8 or 10 inches indicating a reasonable sized fish. Then the pool went dead for me.

Moving to the next pool upstream, I fished the run feeding the pool with no luck. A couple of casts in the middle of the bankside run with a drift to the tailout finally yielded a small 8 inch bow on the scud pattern. That was it for the Head Pool. Then a break for lunch.

After lunch, I pointed out two small 2 foot long runs to Michael at the head of the Bar Pool that should contain a fish or two. I moved back across stream to my usual casting postion to work the tail of Bar Pool. Several minutes later Michael hooked a nice 11 inch brown out of the top run. Several more minutes and he had a nice 12 inch brown out of the second of the two runs. Right where I had suggested he fish.

Meanwhile I was dredging the Bar Pool without luck. Even changing to a drift indicator and adding some weight to the line yielded no fish. Meanwhile Michael had moved up to the Head Pool and hookedup up with a small 8 inch rainbow.

It was now 3 o’clock and time to call it a day. A couple of days later, we entered a 4 day cycle of rainstorms. Bear Creek went from 56 CFS to 120 in less than 8 hours. The Creek has been bouncing around some and is currently flowing at 96 CFS and looking like yellow mud. Maybe in another 3 to 4 weeks, we will see flows between 60 and 80 with clearing water. Then we can get to some real fishing.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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