Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Bear Creek 8/4/10

Bear Creek had risen to 65 CFS from recent rains and the water was off color coffee again. My friend Brett and I started at the Episcopal Church property at Evergreen. I was using my usual Gold Beadhead, goldribbed hares ear with a dropper and Brett started dry fly fishing. After and hour I had no hits. Brett had caught one small 8 inch bow.

We headed to O’Fallon park outside of Kitteridge. Water there was a bit more clear than in Evergreen but not much. A couple of hours yielded no fish for me and several small ones for Brett. I switched to a plain goldribbed hares ear for a dropper fly. In old Dam hole, I took 1 bow and 1 brown on the plain GR Hares Ear. Both were about 10 inches.

My last place to fish was just upstream of the first parking lot. There is a nice run along the road side of the stream. I hooked up with one 10 inch brown and a bit later a nice 13 inch brown. This one I got almost to where I could release him when he did it for me.

Brett had caught about six or eight more fish all on a small wet fly with a yellow body and a brown partridge hackle. I decided it might look like a pmd or a yellow sally to a fish but it seemed a bit late in the season for those. In any case, the fish liked it. This was a very simple pattern to tie and it proved wet flies as a dropper still worked.

By now it was about 3 PM and time to go. As I remember, the wet fly had a few brown partridge hackles for a tail, a yellow dubbed body with a 1 1/2 or 2 turn wrap of brown Hungarian Partridge hackle at the head. Black thread I think. Size eighteen straight shank hook. A Dai-Riki 60 would work ok for this fly.

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor
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