Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Bear Creek 8/5/09

After a dud morning on the South Platte north of Waterton, I  headed to O’Fallon Park by Kitteridge. Unfortunately my 7.5 ft rod was at home and the Creek is in late fall conditions so 9 feet of rod was a bit unwieldy.

Water was clear with visibility to 3 feet vertically. Flow was 29 CFS in Morrison. Sky clear and hot with blazing sun. I switched out my rig to 6X fluorocarbon off the leader and 7X off the top fly. Used a 16 Greg’s Emerger on top and a 16 beadhead goldribbed flashback haresear on bottom. Bar Pool finally gave up 4 dinks over the course of a couple of hours to the haresear. I did not see any larger trout in the pool. This year larger trout seem to be scarce in this pool which is odd as it normally will hold about 20 trout any given day with the larger ones about 15 inches.

If the bigger fish have headed upstream to Evergreen to spawn this early, we may be in for a long hard winter this year.

A couple of hours pounding water at Bar Hole and upstream was enough for this old man and I headed home.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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