Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Eleven Mile Canyon 9/20/08


Eleven Mile Canyon was in great shape Saturday 9/20/08.  Air temp was in mid to high 70’s by 10 am.  When I arrived at the large culverts about a mile below the dam, there was a large trico hatch going on. The air over my first fishing spot was filled with them in the mating dance. I managed to catch one.  I found it interesting their tails were about 3 times the body length.  Had been tying my sparkle wing trico emergers correctly by mistake.

Water temp felt cold to me but was probably in mid forties.  Sky was mostly clear until about 4 pm. Sun was hot and I picked up some sunburn even with sunscreen on.

When my friend Joanie arrived we fished on both sides of the stream at the culvert outlet.  There are two deep runs here cut by the outpour of the large pipes.  The fish were mostly surface feeding.  Joanie caught the first fish.  A nice 14 to 16 inch brownie on a dry trico. Over the course of several hours she caught six fish total, all under 14 inches but fat. Joanie is an excellent dry fly fisherwoman.

I was testing a new “Wonderfurl” furled leader, I was given at the Retailers Trade Show by David Grimes owner of Wonderfurl Leaders.  This was a Hi Viz Yellow Fluorocarbon nympher.  I fished the whole day with it.  Caught a nice 14 inch brown, a 13 inch rainbow and a 12 inch bow all on a #18 trico sparkle wing emerger. All the fish were fat and good fighters.

I greased up my furled leader with Loon Aquel floatant and tried to fish it on surface with limited success.  David says he uses a Loon paste floatant that is thicker than the Aquel on the Wonderfurl Dry Fly leaders.

Meeting people on stream is always interesting. Amos and Troy were both interesting.  Amos and I were friends of several of the local fly fishermen of note. Amos has been fishing Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding areas for some 30 or more years.  So he had a lot of stories to tell. Troy builds rods, is an excellent fisherman and an artist among his talents. Both had caught several large fish farther downstream.

Below are a pictures taken of some of Troy’s flies and a brown he caught in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Thread flies with glue shel back

Thread Flies with a Loon Knot Sense Glue shell back


thread chronomids

Thread Chronomids in various colors


Thread Chronomids Close Up

thread chronomids closeup


Troy with a 27 inch brown from Rocky Mountain National Park

Troy with a 27 inch brown from Rocky Mountain National Park

Wishing all of you this much success.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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