Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions March 2010


Some very interesting reports from the Dream Stream from a friend and from my High Plains Drifters Fly Fishing Club.

From my friend Larry.

Dream Stream Between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir

Okay the temp today was supposed to be close to 70 and yesterday it was in the 60’s.  Its mid March and time to see how things are at Spinney Mountain Ranch.  Well driving up the temp in Woodland Park was 22 at 8:15.  Got up to Wilkerson pass and the temp at the top of the pass was 29.  Alright looks like a great day.  Got down to the valley and the temp kept falling.  3 degrees when I got to the parking lot.  Oh….22 other cars there already.  Everyone took Wednesday off???  Sat in the car put on a new leader and some flies now 10am and the temp was 8 degrees.  Oh well the sun was shining I have my gloves.  It was ice on the line until 1pm. 
Oh not all is lost..I caught four 14-15 inchers 2 browns and 2 rainbows.  Saw a rainbow over 24” and a few others 18 to 10 but a lot of small ones.
They were hitting red… rojo’s , Icebreakers, Blood midges.  There was a nice midge hatch.  They were about ½” pretty good sizeThe small ones were feeding on top but I couldn’t get them to hit anything.
Wish I would have read Bill Edrington’s ( article a  little more and went to Canyon City (Arkansas River) would have been a lot warmer…..oh well some other time..




From a member in High Plains Drifters one day before the previous report.

Thanks I was there on the 16th and it was 6 below when we got there about the same time.
3 of us landed 19 fish the biggest being in the 25" class well over 6lbs. Very cold but fun day.
at 1:30 it warmed up for a nice dry fly hatch size 22 and 24 bwo. Took 4 that way from the group. Nice to fish on top of the water.

Buckskins, black midges were the flies to use.

One of the guys in the group landed a 33.5" Rainbow out of the Blue last week. On a black midge emerger. 5x florocarbon tippet. Big big fish.

Look to the tailwaters for some good fishing and some open water below the reservoirs. Eleven Mile canyon, Dream Stream, Blue River. Apparently from the reports above, the cold weather is not bothering the fish too much. They are waking up and are hungry.

Spring is here and it is cold in the hills. Most of the lakes are still heavily iced over. Antero still has 40 inches of ice on it and got a foot of snow last week. Eleven Mile is still iced over too. Even Chatfield Reservoir in SW Metro Denver Area is iced over.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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