Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – South Platte River 3/24/12

Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – South Platte River

Saturday, 3/24/12, my fly fishing club, the High Plains Drifters, held its annual pancake breakfast and fishing trip on the South Platte River near Deckers, Colorado.

For the first time in the five years I have been on this trip, we had a nice day. Temperatures to get into the 60’s by mid afternoon. Only a little bit of wind around 3 pm. Sky clear blue with no clouds, water running at 130 CFS and gin clear. All in all a perfect day to be on stream instead of pounding the keys at my computer.

Two members both named Michael fished with me so I called them Michael one and Michael two. We started at the first bridge east of Deckers. Wanting to check out a stone fly story I had heard, I did some rock turning. Sure enough the third rock yielded a nice 1 inch long golden stone.

So Platte River Golden Stonefly 3/1/12

So Platte River Golden Stonefly 3/1/12

So I tied on a #12 dark / golden Pat’s rubber legs on top and a #18 sparkle wing RS2 on the bottom on 18 inches of 5X fluorocarbon tippet.

After fishing for 10 minutes with no strikes in that area, I moved across river to talk to Michael 2. He had caught two 12 inch rainbows on a #18 grey RS2 with a stub antron yarn wing. And he had lost a couple more.  So I moved upstream far enough to not disturb his run before trying my luck again. Some twenty more minutes did not yield any strikes or fish.

Next I moved downstream from the bridge to fish the seams along a fast run with medium rocks in the middle of the run. Fishing these seams, I used just the #12 Pat’s rubber legs. On the third drift, I threw a little flop mend (A 6 inch mend done with a wrist flip.). Right after that, my line stopped dead and a nice fat 12 or 13 inch brown came up out of the water like a rainbow. A couple minutes struggle and I released him back to the river.

After lunch we moved downstream to Scraggy View. Michael 1 and 2 started fishing above the main part of Scraggy View. I went down below the main area to a small pool that used to hold nice browns. Standing in fast water, I was chunking a #14 bead head prince into the front seam when a scrappy 12 inch bow took the fly and started downstream in the fast water. Quickly working the fish into the slack created below me, I brought him up and released him.

That was my last fish for the day. But it was ok. Two fish, a beautiful day, good water, good food and good friends. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Checking with our Club President on how he did. Brett caught 8 or 10 nice fish. Got one in the 17 inch range, lost several more in that range. Brett caught his on a sparkle wing black midge similar to a sparkle wing black beauty midge.

On the way back from their spot, his partner and he spotted some 15 to 20 fish lying in a deep run. Size ranged from 12 inches to 20 inches average with one monster, Brett estimated at 22 to 24 inches. The monster was a rainbow. Good to know that the rainbows are back in the So. Platte at Deckers area.

So gear up and get out there slinging string and flies.

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor