Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions South Platte Waterton 8/5/09

The South Platte north of Waterton toward Chatfield Reservoir was the color of dirt yesterday. Flow was about 70 CFS and could only see the bottom at 1 foot.

Weather was hot in high 80’s and very few clouds. We had so much rain this year, the bankside vegetation was like jungle. The bike trails were overgrown and barely passable in some places.

I was using a 7.5 foot green tint nympher Wonderfurl Leader liberally soaked in Henrys Sinkit. On the end of the leader was 18 inches of 5X fluorocarbon attached to an old time carrot and black wet fly. My tail fly, a beadhead goldribbed hares ear, was on 18 inches of 6X fluorocarbon.  I am testing Tung-Fu a tungsten based putty similar to lead putty but supposed to be better. I had a small pinch of the putty rolled above my point fly and in between the tail fly.

The green tint nympher is quite easy to see when the water is high and discolored like yesterday. The first spot I picked was a long wide run along the bank fed by a fast riffle. Casting quartering upstream with a fast upstream mend allowed the rig to get close to bottom as I worked the seam from close toward the bank. Finally after 20 some casts, I had a hookup on the rise and swing. A nice fat 12 inch rainbow had hit the hares ear.

Moving downstream to Old Dam Hole, I started dropping short casts into the head riffle and letting them wash down into the pool. (This pool used to be about 8 feet deep and 20 feet wide. The runoff this year has filled it to about 15 feet wide and maybe 4 feet deep with most of the hole a deep run along the south bank.). Many casts later, I thought I was hung up on the bottom. But no, the line swam upstream on pulling on it. Got my hookup to the top for a fast look before the fish practiced self release.

Fished several places further downstream but nothing. No strikes and did not see any rises nor much insect activity.

Conclusions: It was good to get out and be away from people for awhile.

Tung-Fu works ok in medium to slow water current. In fast current, I found it does not stay on the line like a Dinsmore egg weight. Tung-Fu comes in a round container like the ones used for paste floatant. I had the container hanging on my chest pack with the supplied chain. Somehow the container was popped open and $8.00 of product went into the river. (This is not a good thing.) Til next time.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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