Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – St. Vrain Creek 4/13/10

4/13/2010 Tuesday

“I have to be nuts to be fishing in these conditions!” I thought. Sustained winds around 25 to 30 miles per hour with gusts between 40 and 50 mph. The gusts were knocking over 50 gallon trash barrels and rolling them around the parking lot. Every time a gust would blow, the lot turned into a dust bowl.

My fishing partner was from Wyoming originally. He had told me, “If I had let weather bother me, I would have never gotten outside much.” So here we were gearing up. Right in the middle of the wader exercise a gust of wind so strong hit me that I had to grab the tailgate of my suv to keep my balance. And it was cold too.

By the time I had geared up and rigged the Fish Creek Velocity 9ft 4wt 4pc fly rod I was testing for T.L. Johnson, Brett had caught 3 fish. The biggest was a 14 inch rainbow on a small beadhead pheasant tail.  He had found a couple of large crane fly larvae, micro mayflies and caddis in the area where he was fishing. Micro sized (20 – 26) was pretty much true of the caddis larvae and mayfly larva that I saw during insect seining.

I went farther downstream from where Brett was fishing to try some good looking pools. Sure enough ten minutes of fishing and my rig was hung up and gone. As I was re-rigging, the wind took this opportunity to gust away making it difficult to get set  up again. Finally I had my rig ready and fished my way back up to where Brett was working a large pool at the end of the park.

The first cast into a 6 inch deep riffle, above the pool where Brett was fishing, a small 7 inch rainbow took the 18 regular pheasant tail with gusto. But that was it for that riffle. Moving upstream to a deeper riffle with a bankside run, I took a couple of dink rainbows out of the riffle. One on the pheasant tail and one on the weighted beadhead gold ribbed hares ear.

Working the bankside run I hooked up with an 11 inch brown and that was it for that run. I moved farther upstream to a big rock overhanging the stream with a deep run of a couple feet under it. “This should hold a couple of bigger fish.”, I thought. But getting a good drift was difficult. I had to drop a cast into a small ten inch pool of water between the rock face and a pile of sticks to float out into the seam line running under the rock. Some 6 casts later, I had a good drift right under the rock. Nothing. Three more casts, I got another perfect drift down the seam line and under the rock. Just as the line came out from under the rock, a nice 13 inch brown slammed my pheasant tail. While this is not a big fish, it is pretty large for a smaller creek like the St. Vrain where we were fishing. This brown was to be my last fish of the day.

Even though Brett and I fished the Creek on the east end of Lyons, we neither saw nor caught another fish. But my mission to test the Fish Creek Velocity 9ft 4wt fly rod had been accomplished.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor