Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Tomahawk Wildlife 9/2/2011

While the day was outstanding, the fishing was only fair at Tomahawk Wildlife Area today.
CFS = 59 – 62
Air = 75 degrees around 2 pm
Sky = Clear – few clouds and sunny
H2O = Clear to 2 to 3 feet — Water Temp estimated around 55 to 60 degrees.

My friend Michael and I fished from the last bridge parking lot south for about a mile. While fishing took work, we did catch fish. Mostly small 6 to 10 inch browns. Almost every riffle held several of these little guys. Tailouts on fast runs same thing. The strange thing was the undercut banks did not yield any fish of size. This does not mean they were not there but enticing them to strike was another subject.

While fishing this lower section, we talked to two guides from The Hatch fly shop in Pine Junction, CO. Both of their groups were catching fish but having to work for them. The first group, the fly of choice was a large size 8 or 10 Amys Ant with a red sparkle body.

After lunch I fished just below the bridge for awhile without any luck. Fishing under the bridge yielded a nice 12 inch brown. Michael had hooked and lost a nice 12 or 13 inch rainbow just south of the bridge.

We then moved upstream from the bridge. In the edge of a pool formed by a bank collapse, I hooked up with a nice 13 inch rainbow holding just over the edge of a sandbar. Upstream more small browns in the riffles.

Flies that worked for me. A two nymph rig with a small black mayfly emerger as the tail fly about 18 inches behind the point fly.

As we were putting our gear away, I talked to another fisherman that had taken 3 nice browns 19 to 22 inches in the morning. So the big guys are still there.

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor