Colorado Fly Fishing Vacations 3

Colorado is perfect for a fly fishing vacation with over 2,000 lakes plus 6,000 stream miles. Recently I ran across a ranch where you can fly fish for 18 different species of trout.

Trout included are:

  1. Brown Trout
  2. Rainbow Trout
  3. Cutthroat
  4. Cutbow
  5. Cameloop Rainbow
  6. Donaldson Trout
  7. Donaldson Rainbow
  8. Eastern Brook Trout
  9. German Brown Trout
  10. Greenback Cutthroat (Colorado State Fish)
  11. Tasmanian Rainbow
  12. Tasmanian Cutbow
  13. Tiger Brown Trout
  14. Snakeriver Trout
  15. Steelhead Trout
  16. Wild Brook Trout
  17. Montana Brook Trout
  18. Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

The fish are contained in small ponds and lakes. Fly fishing is only allowed from the shore and is all catch and release. No wading or boats. Some of these trout are large enough to snap 3X leaders so don’t fool yourself into thinking they are lightweights.

Other activities at the ranch include hunting and snowmobiling in the winter. The scenery is spectacular and just watching is ok too. The BAR ZX ranch can be reached from Delta or from Glenwood Colorado. Driving Directions

Accomodations – The Ranch has a 12 guest lodge with basic amenities.

As with most good things, there is a cost to stay at the Ranch. Hunting Fees  Fishing Fees A Colorado Fishing License is required. Rates are on the fishing fees page. Fishing season is roughly 6/1 through 9/30.

Dean and Family are the type of down home folks you would expect to find on a ranch. If you want to really get away and relax the BAR ZX is one place for quiet plus good fishing.  (See slideshow in the right sidebar. Shows tiger trout, large rainbow, ponds are handicapped accessable. And Don a High Plains Drifters member with an 18 inch brook trout. Don is the one in the cowboy hat.)

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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