Costa del Mar Sunglasses Review


This review is a three part review.  Two parts are about companies and one is about the Costa Del Mar Pescador sunglasses I purchased.
I don’t very often do a mostly negative review but this one unfortunately is going to be that.

In April 2005, I purchased a pair of Costa del Mar Pescador sunglasses from SunRay Optical (  Sunray carries about 85 manufacturers brands of frames and a lot more styles within each brand.  I researched WileyX, Costa del Mar and Bolle.  (My old Bolles from 1994 had finally worn out.)

After several telephone consultations with an employee about what I was going to use the sunglasses for (fly fishing and work), he recommended the Costa Del Mar Pescador.  I was very careful to make sure my prescription would work in these frames.  He assured me that they could do it.

Within a week of ordering, the glasses arrived.  The prescription seemed to be ok and they fit ok. But the zipper on the hard sunglass case broke in a week.  When I tried to get a replacement, they sent out a large flat case and not the curved case for the Pescador.  After that I did not try again.

A year later, when ordering a new pair of regular glasses, I asked my optician to check the Pescador’s.  She said they had a base 6 curve lenses in a base 8 frame which made the lenses appear very thick and the prescription was “almost correct”.  The local firm could do my prescription in a base 8 curve for the Pescador frame.

Now in May of 2007, the rubber coating is peeling off the temples so there is inadequate padding.  Some 2 months ago, I sent an email to Costa Del Mar and requested a local dealer where I could purchase two new temples. So far, I  have not had any response from them.

A friend also had all the rubber coating peel off the temples of her Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

My advice here is to stay away from Costa Del Mar sunglasses with any kind of rubber or vinyl covering on the temples.  I would also be very careful of doing business with SunRay Optical.

On the Pro side, the Pescador wrap model has fit well and does offer good side view protection from the sun.  There is a little window with a lense in it that allows for peripheral vision too.