Creating a Hatch

How To Create a Hatch

Sometimes when you are fishing, there does not seem to be any insect activity to get the fish feeding.  If you have used your insect seine to find out what is above the area you are fishing, you can “Create a Hatch”.  This will require some work on your part.

Carefully do some rock rolling and insect seining to see what insects are in the area you are going to fish. Do your seining so you don’t disturb the water and spook the fish.

Set your rig up with the most prevalent insects you found. Use a two or three nymph rig with a mix of a couple of different kinds of insects. Use the amount of weight necessary to reach the bottom 1/3 of the water column.

Then start working the water closest to you with quartering upstream casts or direct upstream casts as you choose.  Make a half dozen to a dozen casts and dead drift through the same general area each time.  Try and pick your drift line to match a natural feed lane.  If you don’t get any activity, move your casts and drift line slightly farther out from you.  And make a half dozen to a dozen more casts along a good drift line. The idea is to present increasing insect activity to the fish.

Continue this casting process working across the stream in the seams, runs, along any rocks or pools behind the rocks. I have used this technique successfully to trigger strikes.

Tight Lines and Good FlyFishing Colorado to you,

Marshall, Editor
Fly Fishing Colorado