Digital Photo Oops!


Taking digital photos is supposed to be easy.  Most of the time it is.  But not this time.  All I wanted to do was add the date and time stamp to my photos.  The directions to my Pentax Option W30 seemed simple enough.  I read the directions 3 times just to be sure.

When I arrived at my favorite creek, I read the directions again.  But as usual, the first button I pushed according to the directions brought up the wrong menu.  Oops!  Click the next button.  Wrong menu again.  Oops!  After running through all the menus, I finally got the date and time stamp but the camera was on manual focus and manual drive mode.  Arrgh! @#$.  Never learned how to program my old VCR either.  (Poor Directions on that too)

Deciding fishing was more important than perfect picture taking mode, I left the camera alone and went fishing.  I did get some nice river scenery shots.  The gallery in the sidebar is Bear Creek in Lair Of the Bear Park.  And yes, there are still some bears around the area.  As you can see Mr. Beaver has been building a dam.  This dam is some 100 to 150 feet long.  Effectively, the beaver dam has made a very nice tailwater fishery in the park.  Upstream the water is murky and gray colored.

The next day I read how to reset the menus.  This time the directions worked fine.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor