Double Surgeon’s Loop

How to Tie Double Surgeons Loop
to attach fly line to leader

Double Surgeons Loop — Used to form a quick loop in a piece of leader for attaching the leader to the fly line.  Similar use as the Perfection Loop. 

How to tie the Double Surgeons End Loop:

  1. Double about six inches of line into a loop.  Tie a simple overhand knot in the doubled loop.  But don’t tighten it down yet.
  2. Bring the loop end and doubled line back through the overhand knot once more.
  3. Wet the knot.  Holding the standing line and tag end, tighten the knot slowly and evenly until the desired end loop is obtained.
  4. Clip the tag end.

Graphic of how to tie the Double Surgeons End Loop

how to tie a surgeons loop knot



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