Double Uniknot

How to tie the Double Uni-knot

Double Uni-Knot — This knot can be used to join two pieces of leader of same or dissimilar size. Tied correctly, this knot will not slip. Using just your hands, it is easier to tie than the blood knot.

A few simple field tests have convinced me that the double uniknot is neater than the the blood knot and hangs up less on twigs or such in the stream. My fishing during 2005 has convinced me the Triple Surgeons knot is easier to tie than any other usual fly fishing knot for joining leader pieces.

Steps to tie the double Uni knot

  1. Lay two pieces of leader together in a parallel manner.  Hold the pieces in your left hand if you are right handed.
  2. Form a loop facing toward your left hand and pinch the loop in-between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Bring the tag end of the loop over the standing end of the leader piece to your left.  Then around the standing piece six times and up through the loop.
  4. Moisten the knot and gently pull the tag end of the smaller piece point to your left to form the knot.
  5. The easy way to tie the second uni-knot is turn the line around and repeat steps
    1 — 4.
  6. Moisten both knots, then pull the standing ends of the two leader pieces to pull the two knots tight to each other. Trim the tag ends close to the knots.
  7. Tied correctly, the double Uni-knot will not slip.

Graphic of how to tie the double-uniknot

double uniknot for tying two pieces of leader together
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