Fish Creek Brightwater 7ft 6in 4 wt 4pc Fly Rod Sale and Review

At the Denver Fly Fishing Show 2007, I purchased a Fish Creek Brightwater 7ft 6in 4pc Fly Rod from T.L. Johnson. This rod was specifically for fishing Bear Creek or other small streams. This season will be my third year with one of the finest small stream rods I have ever used.

This little 4wt has plenty of power to throw a heavy weighted 3 nymph rig. (At least two size 10 weighted flies and one non weighted fly plus a line weight if needed). Roll casts out to 25 to 30 feet are achievable. The same is true on river tension casts. I have gotten closer to 40 feet with some practice on a heavy nymph rig. Generally I fish unweighted nymphs with weight on the line but have been trying the weighted close line nymphing again this year.

The rod blanks are a visually appealing plum color and are constructed of proven IM6 technology.The action is a crisp medium-fast. As with all of T.L. Johnson’s rods I have cast, Terry builds in plenty of back bone into the rods. On grass cast tests, I got 62 feet consistently with this 4wt rod. With some practice, I think I could get 70 ft with it. The rod load started with about 20 feet of line out instead of the usual 30 feet most rods need. This quick loading is again a characteristic of T.L. Johnson designed rods.

The stripper guide is a 316 stainless hialoy ring with 7-316 stainless single foot guides plus the tip top. The brown rod windings are tight and the winding epoxy is cleanly applied with no footballing. The uplocking reel seat is aluminum with Cocobolo insert. The reel slide ring is generous enough to comfortably hold most reels. The single locking ring easily locks your reel securely in place. The cork grip is high quality cork in a western style with a cutout for the top reel foot. This is a rod that will offer years of service. The complete outfit is one of our best selling back packing outfits

Fish Creek Rods are guaranteed for the life of the original owner with a $40 return and handling fee. They come in an attractive green cordura rod tube with padded top. Rod and tube ship in a sealed plastic bag to keep your rod tube clean until you receive it.

Best of all, MSRP is only $149.00. Fish Creek Rods and Reels are on Sale until gone at 10% off. Order a fly rod and reel fly fishing outfit and receive a free premium fly line with 50 yards of 20# dacron backing and a free premium leader. (Only 2 – 9 ft 5wt 4pc rods left)

 ItemMSRP Sale Price You Save
 Fish Creek 7ft 4wt 4pc Fly Rod w/rod case (Only 1 left) 149 134 15
 Fish Creek 3400 3/4wt Fly Reel (Only 2 left) 179 161 18
 Premium Olive WF4 Fly line with 20# backing and leader   54      0 54
Total for Complete Outfit Rod, Reel and Line – BEST DEAL 382 296 86

: Via USPS Domestic or International Priority Mail and Insured on all orders over $75. Signature confirmation on Domestic Orders.  Usually ships within 3 business days.  (FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING )


Remember this sale is only good thru 5/31/2010

The Fish Creek Rod, Reel and Outfit on Sale is also available in a 9ft 5wt 4 pc rod with a 5wt reel and free premium line if you order the outfit.


Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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