Fish Creek Velocity 7ft 9in 3wt 4pc Fly Rod Review

Here I was on Clear Creek to review another T.L.Johnson Fish Creek Velocity Fly Rod. A beautiful 7ft 9in 3wt lightweight. I was really eager to see how this rod would perform with a three nymph rig and a 4wt fly line on it. I used two weighted nymphs a #12 beadhead haresear on top, then a #14 tan scud in the middle and finally an unweighted #14 black pheasant tail as tail fly.

I was using 0X to 2X then the point fly, 4X to the middle fly and 6X to tail fly. This light weight rod would put out great roll or river casts up to 15 to 20 feet with out strain. When the wind was not blowing, I could get a nice overhand the same distance or slightly longer. Admittedly, this rod is not designed to throw weighted nymph rigs but it is nice to know you could do so if necessary. The rod is primarily designed as a small stream dry fly and light weight nymph rod. Used with a three weight line, I believe it would serve excellently in that capacity. As always, Terry Johnson builds extra power into his rod designs.

On grass casting tests with a 4wt line on the rod, I could easily get 40 to 45 foot casts with this fine little rod. The load feeling was excellent on the back and forward strokes allowing shooting casts with ease. The accuracy was excellent at 40 feet dropping cast after cast within 12 inches or less of my target.

The rod blank is the same gloss green as the other series tested. The 9ft 4wt and the 8ft 4wt. The blank is a 57 modulus to produce extra power when needed. The guides are Fish Creeks own 316 stainless. On the test models, there are two lined stripper guides but the production models will have only one.

The reel seat is polished aluminum with a maple insert. The production models will have a duller titanium finish rather than the highly polished finish on the test models. The top reel seat guide securely holds the reel. The bottom sliding reel seat ring is generous enough to fit most reels.  The uplocking single ring holds the reel securely in place without too much pressure.

Best of all the Velocity Rods are designed to be priced slightly under $300. So you can own a fine rod without breaking your budget.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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