Fish Creek Velocity 8ft 4wt 4pc Fly Rod Review

4/1/20 Monday

The Fish Creek Velocity 8ft 4wt 4pc fly rod was grass cast before being tested on stream. I rigged the rod with a 3/4 wt Fish Creek reel and a 4wt line with a 1X leader on it. I use a 7.5 ft – 1X leader for grass casting and practice.

During casing practice I used some sprinkler flags as targets. The rod loaded ok during the backcast but I had some trouble feeling that loading. There seemed to be a small wobble about halfway thru the back stroke. That may have been me having a not so good casting day. I kept at it and this feeling went away after a while.

On the forward stroke, the loading feel was solid and shooting line was no problem. Double hauling was easy with this rod. Casts at 20 feet were accurate and at 40 feet were solid and on target even with the wind which had come up.

The Velocity series are solidly built rods with a green blank and a gloss finish. The reel seat is polished aluminum that will be a duller titanium finish on production models. The insert is a lighter maple wood insert. The sliding ring on the seat is generous enough to fit most reels yet hold them securely. The uplocking single ring works smoothly on the seat to lock your reel in place.

There are two oxide lined stripper guides on this Velocity rod with 8 hard chromed snake guides including the tip top. That makes a total of 9 guides not including the bottom most stripper guide. One guide more than the number of feet is an older guide to judging rod quality. The Fish Creek Velocity series is going to be a mid-priced rod at slightly under $300.

On stream on Bear Creek 4/19/10 Monday, this rod performed quite well throwing a 2 heavy weighted nymph rig with a drift indicator. It also worked well with a bb weight on the leader with roll casts at 15 and 20 feet when needed. Overhand casts with a bit of weight on the line seemed to make the rod load better on the back cast than without any flies or weight. Overall this is a solid rod that can offer years of fly fishing service.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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