Fish Creek Velocity 9ft 4wt 4pc Fly Rod Review

4/13/10 Tuesday

Conditions on the St. Vrain Creek in Lyons, CO today were miserable. Sustained winds around 25 – 30 mph with gusts between 40 and 50 mph. Enough to knock over 50 gallon trash barrels and roll them around. Cold too.

So how did the Fish Creek Velocity 9ft 4wt 4pc fly rod designed by Terry L. Johnson work under these conditions? Much better than I expected.

I had rigged up a 2 fly nymph rig with a heavy weighted scud on the bottom to get down to the bottom of the pools I was fishing. Casting characteristics of the Velocity under the conditions were excellent. The rod performed both roll casts and river casts with accuracy and power left over. While it would not punch a cast directly into the gusts, not many 4wt rods would do so either. Accuracy was good enough that I delivered 6 15 foot consecutive casts into a 10 inch water pocket between a rock and a pile of sticks to get a drift along a seam where I eventually hooked a nice brown.

The line feel during casting was good. I could tell when the rod was loading even in the wind. Yet the Velocity had a delicate touch to let me feel when I was bouncing the nymphs along the bottom. Or when a fish took the rig.

The Fish Creek Velocity 9ft 4wt is finished with two lined stripper guides and high quality hard chromed snake guides and tip top. There are 10 total guides not counting the bottom most stripper guide. The rod blank is a nice gloss green finish. The Cork grip is high quality.

The reel seat is an uplocking single ring polished aluminum. The production models will be a duller titanium finish on the seat. The reel seat slide ring is generous enough to fit most reels yet holds my fish creek 3/4 wt reel securely. The single locking ring does not have to be screwed down hard to lock the reel in place which is a plus when taking the reel off the rod. The insert is a light maple.

The Velocity series will be mid-priced at slightly under $300 at the time of publication. But that pricing may change a bit when the rods reach production stage.

In the author’s opinion, the Velocity Series Fly Rods from Fish Creek a T.L. Johnson Company are an excellent rod for the price.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor