Fishcreek Brightwater 7ft 6in 4wt Testimonial

On July 3rd, L.J. from Artesia, NM ordered a Fishcreek Brightwater 7ft 6in 4wt fly rod from our site. Here is what L.J. has to say about the rod.

July 7th — I received the bright water rod this morning. Its a great looking & feeling rod. I ca’t wait to use it this weekend.

Here are some of the results from L.J’s favorite small stream near Artesia.

The new brightwater 4 wt. rod performed really well.  I didn’t catch any giants, but none-the-less a lot of solid fish!  Here are a few pictures.

Lee’s Comments after his 7/24/10 fishing trip. “The rod really handles very nicely.  It lays the line out very well on these subtle casts.”

The Brightwater series is on sale as long as we have inventory. I only have one 764 left and 2-954 rods left. Two each 4wt and 5 wt reels left.

Fish Creek is a T.L. Johnson company owned by Terry L. Johnson.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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