Fishing Kenai River DVD Review


Fly Fishing DVDs featuring host Dave Long and local fly fishing guides. Each freshwater fly fishing DVD illustrates local flyfishing techniques and flies.

About six weeks ago, Steve Middlesworth at  contacted me to explain that their company is producing a series of specialty freshwater fly fishing dvds.  The first dvd was filmed on the Kenai River Fishing in Alaska for a rainbow trout over 10 pounds.  The Sportingfly DVD’s are professionally produced featuring Dolby ™ Digital Sound.  These dvds are played with cyberlink power dvd software.  They offer brilliant picture and sound quality; which makes watching them a true pleasure.

Just before Christmas, Steve contacted me to let me know the dvd was on its way.  Right after New Year’s the package arrived with my press release copy.  Protected in a bubble wrap mailer, the dvd was safely tucked into its plastic case inside.

kenai river fly fishing dvd DVD Fly fishing Kenai River for large rainbow trout.

On the back side of the little sealing tab it says, “Made just for you.”  I thought this was cool.

There are two ways to watch this dvd.  With the host and director commentary on or off.  I recommend watching the dvd once with the commentary off.

This allows you to listen to what was filmed and hear the fly fishing guide’s advice.  You also get to hear Host Dave Long and Director Robert Pontello’s interaction with the guide Josh Hayes.

The DVD explains the local technique of fishing with beads to represent salmon eggs during the salmon spawn.  The rainbows are on the bottom eating eggs as they float down to the bottom.  The fishing was done almost totally from a power boat with the eggs on the bottom and using a strike indicator.  Many fish are caught and released in this video.  Guide Josh Hayes is an expert at removing the barbless hooks, keeping the fish in the net until it is ready for release and letting them go.  (Note:  The net is almost 36 inches from handle to tip of the bow.)

Josh kept Dave and the crew moving, catching fish including rainbows and many dolly varden but not the 10 plus rainbow that was the mission. Until finally Dave, hooks up with 31.5 inch long monster with a 19 inch girth that was 14.5 pounds.  (It must have been from getting the sand out of his reel when the reel spool fell out into the river during wade fishing.)

What I liked about this dvd is that real things and real conversations were left in.  Not like some fishing dvds where everything is pristine pure.

When you have watched the dvd once with the Host and Directors commentary off, click the commentary “on and then play” to watch it again with override comments by Dave and Robert

My recommendation.  A first class DVD. Check it out at for only $29.95.

Marshall, Editor