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The Essence of Fly Casting  (Paperback)
by Mel Krieger and Ben Blackwell. Foreword by A.J. McClane Usually ships in 24 hours

This classic instructional text, used in flycasting schools around the world, is now available to the book trade for the first time. Fly-casting is a skill of almost mythic proportions. The gymnastic beauty of the casting scenes in the film A River Runs Through It sent thousands of new anglers to the shores of America’s streams and lakes. Yet more often than not, discussions or instructions about casting bog down in a world of technical minutiae that is almost impenetrable to the beginner. Mel Krieger has cracked the code in The Essence of Flycasting. Through detailed instructions and dozens of precise photographs and diagrams, he clearly dissects this arcane art into understandable and executable steps to take the raw beginner from piles of line on the ground to graceful loops in the air. And the seasoned veteran will advance from struggling with 30-foot casts to skillfully double-hauling vastly more line across the water. This classic book of fly-fishing instruction belongs in every fishing library. The standard text used in flycasting schools around the world, Essence is now available to the general public for the first time. Illustrated with more than 150 clear, step-by-step b/w photos and illustrations.

Author Biography: Mel Krieger taught fly-casting and fly-fishing in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. The Essence of Flycasting is the culmination of his 25 years of research and teaching. He produced several best-selling fly casting videos and was well known in the fly-fishing world. He lived in San Francisco. Unfortunately Mel passed on some years ago much before he should have from a rare brain cancer.

Ben Blackwell’s photographs hang in the permanent collections of The Spenser Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the International Center of Photography.

Editor note: I used this book last summer to take a fly casting class. My average distance was 50 ft on a good day before the class. Now I can reach out to 75 feet when I need to do so. A large part of that was due to Mel’s Book. Mel developed the Certified and Master Certified Casting Instructors classes for the Federation of Fly Fishers.

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Lefty Kreh’s Solving Fly-Casting Problems  (Paperback)
by Lefty Kreh

Book Description

Lefty Kreh is a born teacher, and his subject is his passion. The fly-casting instruction in this book derives from almost a half century of fishing and teaching, and no matter where you are in your fly-fishing life, from struggling beginner to the person with two rods in every weight, this book can help you do better.

Lefty begins with the fundamentals common to all good casts and then goes on to diagnose and demonstrate ways to eliminate a variety of casting problems (which everyone has to one degree or another), including how to:

• Tame tailing loops
• Cast in the wind
• Quickly and accurately change the direction of a cast
• Throw a backcast that stays clear of brush
• Quickly send wet flies and streamers deep with a tuck cast
• Skip a fly across the water to reach under low-hanging branches
• Make roll casts, effective mends, and much more

No matter how good fly-fishing tackle becomes, how well you deal with the variables on the water will always be a big factor in your fishing success. For as long as you fly-fish, this book will hold the keys.

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Casting with Lefty Kreh (hardback)
by Lefty Kreh

Book Description:

Over 40 casts are covered in thousands of full color photograms including the mechanics of the casting stroke. How to prevent rotator and cuff damage. How small changes in your movements can produce big changes in your casts. Includes correcting that tailing loop, casting heavy weighted rigs, better roll casts, casting in the wind and long distance casting among others. Whether you fish saltwater, streams or lakes; heavy rods or light, you can learn to improve from the casting master Lefty Kreh.

Editor (This is a relatively expensive book partly because it is hardback. Anything less would be a waste of money. The photos in this book are so crisp and the color so clear, it is like standing with Lefty while he teaches you to improve your cast. This book is already a collectors item.)

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Performance Fly Casting (Paperback)
By Jon Cave

Book Description:

Covers eliminating slack, increasing your accuracy, double hauling efficiently for longer distance, windy conditions and better presentations among others. Includes 99 detailed illustrations by Joe Mahler. 128 pages

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Joan Wulff’s New Fly Casting Techniques  (Paperback)
by Joan Wulff  224 pages

Editorial Reviews
Joan Wulff’s Fly Casting Techniques pioneer a set of casting “mechanics” and offers precise descriptive terms of every part of the cast. There are sections on line speed, improving accuracy and distance, loop control, shooting lines, aerial mending, the double haul, correcting common mistakes, and much, much more.

This is one of the most comprehensive books ever written on fly casting – and it’s for everyone from beginning to experienced anglers. (81/2 X 103/4, 224 pages, b&w photos, diagrams, charts)

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