Fly Fishing Trips Longmeadow Ranch Part Two

4/17/10 Saturday

After my big brown, Tad moved Joan farther into the stream to fish the far side of the fast run I was fishing.

longmeadow41710 007-640

Tad Howard guiding Joanie to a big fish

Joan fished here for some 15 minutes with no luck. The fish were apparently in the seam closest to the bottom edge of the picture.  Then Tad suggested we move upstream to another area he wanted us to fish. Along the way, there was an 8×8 beam caught on some rocks. Tad spotted 4 nice fish holding behind the beam and had Joan fish this area. This was a very short cast from the bank behind the beam to just a foot or so in front of the fish. About 6 casts Joan was into a nice fish that played self release before Tad could get down the bank to net it. All the activity spooked the remaining fish, so we headed up to the dam area.

With Joan situated into a nice run just off the bank, Tad positioned me mid-stream to fish a slow run along the far bank in front of an irrigation diversion dam. The forth drift, I set the hook into a big fish that headed toward the dam head shaking all the way. Tad was splashing his way to get into position to net the fish. “Raise your rod to get his head up!”, Tad was yelling. I was trying but this bad boy did not want to come to the surface. Finally I got his head up and floated him down to the net. This was by far my biggest brown. About 19 inches with at least a 14 inch girth which would be in the 5 pound class.


colorado fly fishing 19 inch 14 inch girth brown long meadow ranch 4/17/2010

After this brownie, I caught several nice rainbow out of the same seam. Then Joan and I switched places. Sure enough several drifts through the slow water, Joan was fast to a very nice bow. She played the fish in first class fashion and brought it to Tad’s net.


colorado fly fishing 18 inch rainbow long meadow ranch 4/17/2010


I would estimate this bow at 18 inches and about 4 plus pounds. A very nice fish.  Joan caught several more good fish out of this slow seam area and then we headed back to the car for lunch.

On the way, we stopped so I could fish the log beam area. There were only two fish still there but nice sized fish. This short lob is not my favorite way to fish but with coaching and some 8 casts, I had a hook up. Lost him before we could get it into the net.


colorado fly fishing long meadow ranch 4/17/2010


fly fishing colorado’s long meadow ranch nice rainbow 4/17/2010

After lunch we moved downstream. Tad put me fishing behind some bank willows where there was a nice run. I caught some 3 or 4 good rainbows there. Then I hooked up with a brown that pulled line off my reel steadily. Finally I saw a tail about 4 inches in height before my hook pulled out.

Meantime Joan had caught some nice fish where she was fishing. Tad moved us around to different spots with each spot producing nice fish. Finally it was time to go home. My shoulders ached from catching fish but it was a good ache. Thanks Tad for a great day on stream. If you want an excellent guided trip, book a trip with him at

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor