Fly Rod – Mystic River M273-2 Review

The AFFTA show closed Sat 9/12 and I am about recovered. The show floor was smaller than in some past years but the energy of the exhibitors and attendees was intense.

My show highlight was the Mystic River fly rod booth. Mystic River is a new company on the scene with a solid offering of both freshwater and saltwater rods. Booth managers Jeff, Chris, Dennis and Vicki were most helpful in letting me try three freshwater fly rods. A 7’3″ 2 wt 2 pc, a 9′ 3″ 5 wt 4 pc and a 9′ 3″ 6 wt 4 pc.

I asked about the 3 inches extra in the rod design. The rod consultant told me that through testing, they had found adding those 3 inches made the rods easier to cast by the average angler and more accurate too.

The mystic rods are different in design than most fly rods. The two ceramic ring lined stripper guides are farther up the blank than most rods. Then the blank is completed with the appropriate number of hard chrome snake guides and a tip top. The blanks are a handsome charcoal painted finish with black wrappings accented with silver thread.

I found moving the stripper guides farther up the blank, made it easier for me to execute a good double haul.

This little 7’3″ 2 wt was not noodley or whippy like a lot of light line fly rods. The 2 wt is best use is listed as small dry flies. But I think it would roll cast a 2 nymph rig quite easily.

The action is medium fast with plenty of power. The cork grip is super grade with a reverse half wells cutout. The cork was finely sanded and a pleasure in the hand. The reel seat was fitted with a drilled burled maple wood insert and machine polished uplocking aluminum hardware. The epoxy on the guides was just the right amount with no sloppy overfill around the guides themselves. The rod tube is a handsome black carbon fiber with an aluminum screw top fitted with a rubber “O” ring to seal out moisture. Each rod is fitted with an engraved rod sock.

There were some fish targets hanging in a dry cast area. It was no problem to nail these targets at 40 to 50 feet with this sweet little two weight. The reel on the rod was a light weight. Other testers have suggested keeping the loaded reel to around 2.9 or 3 ounces to physically balance the rod.

I started casting at the targets from about 20 feet. At that distance, the M273 easily hit the fish I was aiming at on the target. Then I moved to 30 feet and repeated the casting exercise with the same result. Next I moved to 40 feet. At 40 feet I was off target once in awhile but not due to the rod. This was operator error. At 50 feet, I expected to have to apply some muscle to the rod. But No, allowing the rod to do the work, my yarn fly was on the target consistently. Over this 50 foot casting range, this 2 wt was one of the nicest rods I have ever cast. The Mystic M273-2 obviously had the backbone to easily handle fish from small sunfish to bass or trout in the 15 inch class.

I can honestly say there were no major drawbacks to this rod and I would recommend them to anyone.

Each Mystic River fly rod carries a Lifetime Warranty.  The M273-2 retails at MSRP of $349.00

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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