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Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews – Korkers Wading Boots


After fishing in a pair of Korkers Wetlands Konvertible Wading Boots for 2 seasons now, I have formed some opinions about them.  As with most products there are pros and cons to these boots.

Korkers Konvertible Omni Sole Wading Boot System


  • These wading boots are designed to take a variety of soles.  The soles are attached to a plastic backing panel.  The backing panel fits into a mounting rim on the sole of the boot.  The soles are held to the boot at the back by a hook and loop strap through a metal loop that is attached to the boot.
    • Korkers Konvertible wading boots come with a rubber walking sole and a high density felt sole. I purchased a studded felt sole for an additional $30 dollars.
    • The rubber hiking sole is to use hiking in if you have to go more than a 1/2 mile. The hiking sole is comfortable walking too.
    • When you arrive at  your favorite fishing spot, simply unhook the walking sole and remove it from the mounting rim on the sole.  Then insert the studded felt or regular felt into the mounting rim, hook the back strap and you are good to go fishing.
  • Fit is good.  The toe box is a rounded style which allows a wader bootie to fit into the boot comfortably.
  • The toes are protected by a thick rubber bumper guard around the toe box.
  • Fairly easy to get on.  The boot tongue is attached (gusseted) to the sides of the boot almost to the top of the boot.  This is good for keeping gravel out.
  • Easy to lace up
  • Laces don’t stretch out when wet so the boots stay comfortably snug for wading.
  • Lightweight Nubuck Leather with mesh quarter panel for quick drying and draining.  (My boots will be dry in about 4 to 8 hours in the summer depending on the outside weather.  I set them on my patio under my patio table to let them dry.)
  • Highly protective rubber toe box and insole
  • Sized according to standard “street shoe” size using a 3mm wader as a benchmark for sizing  (Available in sizes 8 through 14)


  • Probably my biggest issue was the studded felt soles.  The felt came loose from the plastic backing at the toe of one foot.  I aquaseal glued it back down.  Then the felt started to come loose at the heel of the same sole.Here is the good part.  I contacted Korker’s Customer Care Department about the issue.  They sent me a new pair of studded soles totally free of charge even though the boots were about a week out of warranty.  That is quality customer care.The new soles were bradded to the plastic backing in 5 places and were glued too. So there should be no more problems in 2006 season.
  • The regular high density felt sole is not as thick as I am used to on a regular wading boot.  If you hike in very much using this sole, the sole will wear down quickly and feather out at the edges from compression over the mounting rim.
  • The rubber mounting rim is a hard rubber and gets slick when wet.  When wading around slick rocks, you need to be careful to have the felt sole on the bottom before putting weight on your stepping foot.  I had to learn to step down onto the ball of my foot.  Then put the foot flat down before putting weight on it.I wish Korkers Company would use their Aquastealth rubber for the rubber part of the boot sole.  Or a rubber composition that would not get slick when wet.
  • The sides of this boot are a mesh type material and don’t offer as much ankle support as other boots I have had.  If you are older like me, you might consider the next step up in Korkers line of wading boots.

Summary:  I think the Konvertible Wading system is innovative and highly functional. Especially if you practice inserting the soles and removing them with the boots on.  This should be done before heading for your favorite stream.

The Boots are affordably priced at $79.95 and come in sizes 8 through 14.  See the
Korkers Wetlands Konvertible Boots in our Fly Fishing Shops and Store.
Replacement soles are reasonably priced too.

  1. Rubber Lug Trail Soles ==> $19.95
  2. Studded Rubber Soles with replaceable carbide spikes ==> $29.95
  3. Aquastealth Rubber Soles for use on trails and underwater == $29.95  A studded version is available too.
  4. Felt Soles ==> $19.95
  5. Felt Studded Sole ==> $29.95
  6. Soft Non-marking Rubber Boat Sole ==> $19.95

Overall, I have been satisfied with my Korkers Wetlands Konvertible Boots and plan on using them another 2 or 3 seasons.

Marshall, Editor