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Orvis Power Jaw and Scissor Forceps|Power Jaw $12.95|Scissors Power Jaw $18.95

Power Jaw Scissors Forceps (silver only) include cutters that will trim indicator yarn, mono, line—even light wire. Non-glare black has plastic-coated handle.

5″ forceps used for de-barbing, hook removal and crimping split. shot. Patented power jaws are perfect for de-barbing both large and small hooks. Ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces.

Better leverage and more mass beneath the hinge makes it easier to de-barb hooks. Half serrated jaws for grip. 5″ long with three-position lock. Special jaws crimp split shot. Stainless steel. Non-glare black has plastic-coated handle. Forceps come in Silver and non-glare black.

Orvis Power Jaw Forceps

Orvis Power Jaw Forceps

Image of Orvis non-glare black power jaw forceps.  The power jaws are the bump right behind the Orvis name.  The spike is the split shot removal tool.  For 1/2 the distance from the jaw tips to the hinge is smooth.  The remaining 1/2 is serrated.

For Christmas I treated myself to a pair of Orvis Black Power Jaw Forceps.  I tested these forceps for

  • De-barbing hooks size 2, 4, 6 in a heavy wire stream hook in a full barb style.  Sizes 16, 18 and 20 in a nymph weight wire and a mini-barb.
  • Crimping Dinsmore reusable egg shaped split shot in sizes BB, 4, 6, 8 and 10 on a piece of 7X tippet material . Ten is the smallest.
  • Removal of the split shot using the special spike tool.  Dinsmore split shot have a small depression on the side where the split is crimped together.  The depression is to facilitate the removal of the shot.


  1. Size:  With an over all length of just 5 inches, these forceps will fit easily in a fly vest pocket or on a lanyard.
  2. Versatility:  The jaws consist of a smooth portion.  Then a serrated section.  next a split shot removal section with a small hole to center the shot under the spike removal tool.  Just behind the hinge section is a 1.2 inch flat jaw with a protruding power jaw.
  3. Finger Holes:  are a good size to fit my thumb and forefinger.  If you have large fingers, the thumb hole may be a bit tight but should not cause any undue problems.
  4. Positive Locking:  The forceps locked positively in all three positions.  The 3rd position is probably not going to be used very much as the first two locks yield a positive hold on hooks even a number 20.
  5. De-barbing Hooks:  Size 2 and 4 heavy wire hooks required the power jaw and worked ok.  Size 6 was very easy with the power jaw.  Sizes 16 through 20 could be done with the smooth portion of the jaws.
  6. Crimping Split Shot:  Sizes BB and 4 worked best with the power jaw.  With the power jaw pointed down, you can see through the jaws to make sure you have a proper hold on the shot.  Sizes 6 through 10 can easily be done with the smooth portion of the front part of the jaws. I found it easiest to hold the shot with the split up.  Then lay the tippet into the slot and apply a slight pressure with my left hand.  When the tippet was firmly in the split, squeeze the forceps handles once to crimp the shot.  (Remember the harder you crimp your shot, the more difficult removal will be.)
  7. Removal of Split Shot:  Once the shot was centered under the spike with the depression and split facing up, the spike easily opened all sizes from BB through 10.  I particularly like this benefit.  I used to split many a thumb nail removing shot from leaders.


  1. De-barbing Heavy Wire Hooks:  While the forceps did de-barb the heavy hooks, it required 2 or 3 hard squeezes of the power jaw.  (Sizes 2 and 4)   For these heavy hooks, I still prefer my smooth jaw needle nose pliers. When applying a lot of pressure to the jaws, the handle between the power jaw and finger holes seemed to bend more than my regular forceps.  The one place I would like to see these forceps improved is heavier construction in this handle or arm area.  From hook size 6 on up, the power jaw or the smooth jaws worked fine for de-barbing hooks.


With seven Pro features and only one Con, I would definitely recommend these forceps to anyone looking for a versatile multi-use tool.

Orvis Power Jaw and Scissor Forceps|Power Jaw $12.95|Scissors Power Jaw $18.95

Marshall, Editor