Google Stupidity


Today I fought the battle of the Google android developer console again. I still use XP Pro and IE8. Up to ¬†Google’s switch to the new version of the console, all was working ok. Then bingo, I get a message about using an unspported browser.

To solve this issue I had to Google how to contact android developers. Where I ended up was on a page for the Android retail customer service with a call back feature. This service worked well and I talked with a rep named Nick who was quite helpful in sending me how to contact the actual Android Developer team.

On that page was a contact form and links to several other help pages. One of which was Known Issues. On that page was a “fix” for the IE8 problem by installing Chrome Frame. Chrome Frame puts an HTML5 “canvas” tag in the browser headers as I understand it. Or it adds the tag to the pages being viewed. In any case, this fixed the issue with being able to login to my developer’s console using IE8.

The point here is a message could have been put on the unsupported browser page about how to fix this or a link to the “Known Issues” page.

But in typical BoonGoogle fashion, that would require forward customer service thinking. Which is not a Google standard.

In case any of you readers are having this or similar problem, here is the link to the Known Issues page.


Marshall, Editor