High Plains Drifters Sep Meeting 9/17/08


At the High Plains Drifters meeting, Joe Butler www.butlerfishing.com gave an excellent presentation about fishing the Boundary Waters of Yellowstone National Park.  Joe covered waters along the South, East, North and West entrances to the park.

Waters covered included rivers and lakes along the Chief Joseph highway north out of Cody, WY. I found this area the most interesting with lakes producing excellent large brown trout fishing and other trout species too. The Clark’s Fork is one of the famous rivers in this area. Joe also talked about a 10,000 year old artifice called the “Medicine Wheel” on top of a mountain in the Big Horn range. The Medicine Wheel can be reached by a mile and a half hike up a road. Cody is also home to the Buffalo Bill Cody museum.

Go to Joe’s website www.butlerfishing.com , click on Joe Butler’s Fishing Tips, then click the link in the center of the page and finally the Yellowstone link for a good summary of the program we saw last night.

Joe also unveiled his line of Joe Butler Signature fly rods manufactured by Elkhorn Fly Rods of Loveland, CO.  These rods are a six weight for nymph fishing for large fish.  They are four piece and come with a separate 5 wt two piece tip section for dry fly fishing.  You read that right.  A two tip graphite fly rod. One for nymphing and one for dry fly fishing. These rods also have measurement marks to 26 inches for measuring your catch.  Watch how the other rod manufacturers will pick up on this.  The rods retail for a modest $279 and come with a Cordoura covered hard rod case and divided sock.

Editor Note: I examined these rods at the Fly Fishing Retailer’s show last Monday.  They are beautifully finished in a graphite gray with gray wraps and silver thread accents.

Joe Butler Signature fly rod showing measurement marks on the rod blank.

Joe Butler Signature fly rod showing measurement marks on the rod blank.

joebutler 005-448

Joe Butler holding a Joe Butler Signature fly rod

Joe holding one of his new signature fly rods at the High Plains Drifters meeting.

If you are fishing Spinney Mtn. Reservoir today 9/18, you might just run into Joe.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor