Montrose County Water War

 Montrose County Water War

This post is a follow up to my post of 3/18/12 titled Colorado Water Grab.

This is like the movie the Good, the Bad and the Ugly only there is no Clint Eastwood as hero. The bad is the water war to secure 6,400 feet of water from the San Miguel River to supply water for uranium mining in the west end of Montrose County. The bad guys are the County Engineer and the Montrose County Commissioners in this modern day western. The Ugly are the mining interests that are pushing to mine uranium of all things. Last I heard President Obama was intending to reduce our nuclear arsenal. And I don’t think there is that much radiation therapy going on to increase the demand for uranium. Of course there is Iran and they may be looking for more fissionable material.

This water battle includes building more dams to hold water for the mining interests. Just what we need is more dams on our trout streams. Oh yes! I forgot the animals and trout don’t count when it comes to worshipping at the alter of the great gods of money, economic progress and empire building. And after the mining has polluted the San Miguel River and destroyed the landscape, the mining interests have left, the Montrose County Engineer and Commissioners ridden off into the sunset of depleted politicians, we the taxpayers and citizens of Colorado will be left with a bill of several hundred million dollars for the cleanup. Plus the fish and wildlife may glow in the dark for the next hundred years.

This is one war that We the People must win. If you live in Montrose County and value the beauty of your county, rise up and stop this lunacy from occurring.

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As this war continues, we will continue to follow it here on Fly Fishing Colorado’s Blog.

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor and Publisher