Orvis Helios 9ft 5wt 4pc Fly Rod Review

Orvis Helios 9ft 5wt 4pc Fly Rod Review

The Orvis Helios Fly Rod is advertised as the lightest fly rod on earth. So far in my comparisons, that is true. See the Comparison Table below. This fast action fly rod will sling 75 feet of line with no problem. But you must adjust your casting style to fit the fast tip action. The rod I tested was a 9.5 tip flex action. Under a normal 30 foot line load only the first 10 to 15 inches would normally bend. To bend farther down the rod, you needed to use more power in the stroke which can cause a tailing loop on the forward cast if you didn’t lengthen your casting arc. Or use more line off the rod tip.

COMPARISON OF FLY ROD WEIGHTS (All Rods are 9ft 5wt 4pc)

BrandRod ModelWeightPricePrice / oz
St CroixLegend Elite2.75440160
St CroixImperial2.7519069
Stone CreekHalcyon4.37516037
  1. The Helios Freshwater rod comes in lengths 7.0, 7′ 6″, 8, 8′ 4″, 8′ 6″, 9 and 10 feet.
  2. Available in actions 6.5, 7.5, 8.0 mid flex, 9.5 tip and tip flex
  3. Manufactured using Orvis patent pending thermoplastic and thermoset resins in the olive green rod blanks
  4. REC Recoil snake guides. Bend them flat and they will spring back into shape
  5. Titanium frame stripping guide with NanoLite® ceramic insert
  6. Use of carbon fiber reel inserts to reduce weight
  7. Nickel silver picture window reel seat
  8. High Quality Cork grip
  9. Rod Alignment Dots
  10. Uplocking reel seat
  11. Available in Salt Water Models too
  12. 25 year unconditional warranty
  13. MSRP $775 for most models

These fly rods offer a variety of lengths to suit most freshwater casting situations. Combined with a nice range of mid flex and tip flex actions to suit the average or advanced caster, these actions will work well for nymphing and most dry fly fishing. The tip flex actions offer the fast response needed to fire off a dry fly cast to a rising fish. But it also offers the ability to use the tip flex rod for nymph fishing. Especially with heavy weighted nymphs. The tip flex 9 ft 5 wt 4 pc Helios I tested over two months is a true powerhouse with the ability to offer a soft touch on short casts of 20 feet and the power to deliver those 70 foot long casts where needed.

Orvis has been using their new thermoplastic and thermoset resin system in the Helios right from the beginning of the rod series. The REC titanium hardware is some of the finest and lightest on the market which is part of the high MSRP on this rod. The Nickel Silver reel seat offers corrosion resistance and adds to the beauty of this rod. The uplocking reel seat is the standard on modern fly rods. All of these features add up to a very light rod with a good feel in the hand for both short, medium and long casts.


  1. The Orvis Helios offers one of the highest quality fly rods on the market.
  2. It is also the lightest one I have found in my comparisons so far.
  3. The REC Recoil guides are the highest quality around. They will last a long time and resist damage.
  4. The carbon fiber reel seat reduces weight over the traditional wood reel inserts and yet retains a visual appeal
  5. Alignment dots make assembling your rod a snap
  6. 25 year unconditional warranty

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