Sage TXL 000 Fly Rod Review


One of the Sage TXL fly rods I tested at the Denver Fly Fishing Show 2007 was the model 000710-3 7’10” for a 000 line weight.  I call this a “noodle” fly rod because it is so thin and limber.  The 000 is even more limber than my 28 year old 6’1/2″ Orvis Golden Eagle.  I found out from Jerry Siem, Sage  Rod Pro and Chief Fly Rod Designer, the 000 was designed specifically to fish for a small trout in Japan.  Yes, Japan has trout and a large variety of them.  Japanese Trout This is a beautiful site with great fishing fly pictures and drawings.

The TXL 000 rod was equipped with a Sage 3100 fly reel and 000 wt fly line plus a 6 or 7 foot leader.  Working from the short end of the casting pool, I worked out about 15 feet of line.  Then tried several roll casts to a casting hoop target 15 feet from the end of the pool.  I had a hard time getting the 000 to roll cast even out to 12 feet but that was probably me.  When you are limited to 3 minutes testing time, it is difficult to get a good feel for a fly rod.

On the overhand casts, I did better, working out 15 feet of line but could not get on target to the hit casting hoop.

The model 000 is so limber and light weight, I had trouble overpowering the rod and not allowing it to do the work.  On the plus side, the 000 rod could be very good for small stream fly fishing once one adjusted to such a light weight fly rod and line.

I would not recommend this rod for a novice caster and fly fisherman.  But an experienced fly fisherman could have blast fishing for small brookies in beaver ponds or streams with the Sage TXL 000.

Marshall, Editor