Sage VT2 Fly Rod Review


Sage VT2 fly rod review by Professional Fly Fishing Guide Tad Howard Owner of

The VT2 replaces the VPS in the Sage line up. The VT2 offers top quality performance at an affordable price point.  This slightly faster action rod has a sensitive feel, yet impressive power similar to the more expensive XP series that has been a fly fishing benchmark for anglers seeking fast action fly rods.  The Sage VT2 fly rod casts and fishes like a $600 rod at a $400 price point.

The bold blue finish in the VT2 easily catches the eye; however the smooth powerful action is what makes the rod special.  The hardware on the rod is very functional and complements the finish nicely.

The VT2 represents a good value and was my personal favorite performer when tested side by side with other $350-$450 fly rods from other manufacturers.

The VT2 is only available as a 4 piece flyrod.

FlyFishing Colorado fly fishing shops are featuring Sage VT2 fly rods this month

Sage VT2 590-4 Fly Rod (5 wt 9’0″, 4 pc) New at $400 (an all around rod for fly fishing.  This rod can handle streamers, nymph systems and dry flies.  Power enough for distance casts. For close in work, the patented Sage Quick Tip does the trick.) Most flyfishing colorado nymphing is under 20 feet.  This is a good choice for flyfishing colorado with nymphs and drys.

Sage VT2 890-4 Fly Rod (8 wt 9’0″, 4 pc) New at $415 (The eight weight is a powerhouse for large fish saltwater or fresh water fishing.  Sage has designed a specific taper and action for each VT2 rod and line weight.)