Stone Creek WF 4WT Fly Line Review

In 2007 I purchased an M-60 Stone Creek Fly Reel spooled with a Stone Creek floating WF4 fly line in Sand/Tan. The reel went on a Fish Creek 7 1/2 foot 4wt rod primarily for fishing Bear Creek and other small streams. The Stone Creek fly line performed flawlessly. It turned over my 2 and 3 nymph rigs with / or without split shot nicely at 20 to 30 feet which is a normal cast on my small streams. But the rod would put out line to 50 feet when needed.

For over 2 years this line was brushed up against logs, rocks in the stream and sometimes hung up in trees on sloppy back casts. All this abuse and it showed little to no wear. No cracks or rough spots in the line coating.

Unfortunately, When I unspooled the line down to the backing to clean the line, I did not get it spooled back correctly. The line was too tight against the reel cross bar and eventually wore ridges into the line. Now that was not a problem with the fly line. It was instead operator error. When I respooled the M60 Reel with a new Stone Creek WF 4Wt line in Olive, I removed about 15 feet of backing to prevent ruining another line.

This new line casts even better than the old Sand/Olive in my opinion. My rod seems to load faster with less line out than before. Around 15 feet as opposed to 20 feet. Now that does not mean I don’t like the Sand/Tan color. I like the lighter color because it is easier for me to see against the water especially in low light conditions.

Stone Creek fly lines are teflon coated for super slickness and durability. They are made in Canada by a major manufacturer of fly lines for other high end brands.  And at only $40 retail, you can afford to purchase two lines for little more than the cost of one RIO or Scientific Angler line. If you are on stream for 100 to 150 days or more each year, you will go through a line in about two years.

If you are into catching fish, instead of being caught by high fly line prices, you need to check out our selection of Stone Creek Fly Lines.  Stone Creek Fly Lines are available in Double Taper Floating, Power Taper Bass Fly Lines, Saltwater Lines, Weight Forward Floating, WF Sink Tip and WF Full Sinking Fly Lines.

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Marshall, Editor
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