Anglers Toolkit Fishskin

anglers toolkit fishskin patterns

The standard angler’s tool kit of quality Watermark TM  tools consists of 1 x forceps, 1 x line nipper and 1x tool retractor/zinger. These tool kits make a great angler gift especially for the beginning angler. Forceps are necessary for crimping barbs on hooks, removing hooks from fish and yourself and can be used to help tie knots. The line nippers are high quality steel and sharp to make cutting leaders and tippets easy. The tool retractor keeps them handy for use.  The printed fishskin or stars and stripes patterns make these tool kits stand out.

The Fishskin Printed Toolkit comes in four patterns, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and the Stars and Stripes for only $25.00.

Price: from $25.00
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