Product Category: Fly Tying

Product Category: Fly Tying">Product Category: Fly Tying
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bull dog tweezers for beads

Bull Dog Tweezers

These Bulldog Tweezers make holding those pesky beads easy while you put them on the hook. Self Closing Tweezers hold items securely.

Price: $7.50
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Bodkin Tool

The bodkin is used for picking out fibers on a thorax to represent legs and provide motion for your flies. Or to apply head cement to the head. It is

Price: $7.00
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bobbin threader

Bobbin Threader

This bobbin threader is an essential tool for threading a fly tying bobbin. Simply insert the wire through the tube from the front end, insert your thread off the spool

Price: $8.00
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4 1/2 inch spring scissors

4-1/2" Spring Scissors

These 4 1/2 inch spring scissors are easy to hold in your hand while tying. Eliminate putting down and picking up a pair of scissors when you need to trim

Price: $15.00
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