Double Taper Fly Line – Yellow

double taper fly lines

These Stone Creek fly line are specially designed and engineered to float very high in the water for easy mends. The super slick coating will generate high line speeds for those 75 foot casts to your trophy fish.

The specially designed front taper is perfect for trout flies to deliver a positive turnover and yet a delicate presentation where required. The longer belly of a double taper fly line makes roll casting easier too. Works great on small to medium streams for roll casts to 40 feet.

These high performance fly lines are the result of years of research, input from anglers, guides and outfitters everywhere. They are the best all around trout, bass, salmon and steelhead fly lines available these prices anywhere today.

Stone Creek Double Taper floating lines in 3 wt through 8 wt. These super slick coated fly lines float high and cast long when needed. Made in Canada or England from only the finest materials, they will offer years of service. Color is Yellow or Olive. Best of all they are affordable at only $ 49.98 per line.

Price: from $49.98
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